Bowen’s Reaction Series: Crystallization Process & Magmatic Differentiation

How Igneous Rocks Form

In this lesson, we are able to communicate approximately Bowen’s response collection and magmatic differentiation, which can be essentially tries to provide an explanation for or expect how igneous rocks shape. We take into account that rocks crafted from the cooling and solidifying of magma are referred to as igneous rocks. So, the Bowen’s response collection and magmatic differentiation pertain to those varieties of rocks.

Bowen’s Reaction Series

So, who turned into Bowen and why do folks that realize lots approximately igneous rocks realize his call? Well, Norman Bowen is widely known in geological circles due to a few experimenting he did again within side the 1920’s and 30’s. Through his experiments, he determined that minerals crystallize otherwise as they cool. The end result of his studies gave us what we name the Bowen’s response collection, which we will outline because the crystallization series from magma as cooling occurs.

Discontinuous Series

As Bowen dug into his know-how of the crystallizing process, he found out that there are sequences that minerals can observe. These are the discontinuous collection and non-stop collection, as we see under in this diagram of the Bowen’s response collection. The discontinuous collection is visible at the left, and it carries minerals excessive in iron and magnesium. We additionally see that the collection progresses with a drop in temperature.

When we observe the department at the left, we see that at very excessive temperatures, olivine is the primary mineral to shape. In different words, olivine minerals, which can be excessive in iron and magnesium, generally tend to crystallize at very excessive temperatures. Then, because the magma starts of evolved to chill, a number of the olivine will become pyroxene. As we development within side the series with extra cooling, the pyroxene becomes amphibole and sooner or later the amphibole becomes biotite.

More details

You would possibly need to apply an acronym to consider the stairs of the series, such as ‘Olive Pits Are Bitter.’ Each step of the discontinuous collection represents a totally wonderful alternate with the advent of a brand new mineral, so the alternate isn’t always a clean non-stop glide, however as a substitute a discontinuous process, subsequently the call. With the formation of biotite, the discontinuous collection formally ends, however there may be extra to it if the magma has now no longer absolutely cooled and relying at the chemical traits of the magma. For instance, the recent liquid magma can preserve to chill and shape potassium feldspar, muscovite or quartz.

You would possibly need to apply a way to consider those very last minerals as well. For example, you can use the acronym ‘P.M. Quiet.’ The ‘P.M.’ is beneficial. Due to the fact those minerals are shaped overdue within side the series. Similar to the p.m. hours are overdue with inside the day. And, ‘Quiet’ is beneficial as a reminiscence jogger. Due to the fact those minerals are shape at some stage in the good or ‘quietest’ temperatures of the series.

Continuous Series

The non-stop response collection goes on on the equal time. Because the discontinuous collection, and we see it within side the equal photo above because the proper department. With the non-stop department, we see the response has extra of a glide or ‘chronic.’ Hence, the response taking place. Subsequently the call for this collection. With the non-stop collection. We see plagioclase minerals. It begins of evolved with the very best temperature mineral, that’s calcium-wealthy plagioclase.

As the magma cools down, the calcium is changed with sodium. But this occurs in relatively of a glide with the calcium and sodium blending in a chronic collection. So a plagioclase within side the center of the collection may concept to have approximately 50%vlcium and 50% sodium. At the lowest of the collection, we see sodium-wealthy plagioclase.

By remembering that the ‘c’ in ‘calcium’ comes earlier than the ‘s’ in ‘sodium.’ You may take into account that calcium-wealthy plagioclase is on the pinnacle of this collection and sodium-wealthy is at the lowest. Then, as we noticed with the alternative department. Because the temperatures preserve to chill and the chemical traits preserve to alternate.

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