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Infinity knot: a symbol of knot

Infinity knot is a symbol of knot. Also it is one of the eight pleasing, hopeful symbols. It has another…

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Anchor symbol- origin, history, and symbolism

An anchor is a very important part of the ocean. The anchor symbol represents and is closely related to the…

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The Helm of Awe – Know about the famous runic symbol

The various symbols in Norse mythology are popular. Moreover, runes were a type of symbol and a special choice of…

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Star of David meaning: Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and many more

The Star of David is a symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism. It has another name in Hebrew. This is…

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Rod of Asclepius: the symbol of medical and healing

The Rod of Asclepius was the symbol of medical and healing in Greek mythology. Next, it had two names in…

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Viking symbols

Viking Symbols: All you need to know about these symbols

Vikings have many symbols based on Norse mythology. Vikings’ symbol is a very important thing for their culture. These symbols…

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Vegvisir: A ancient Norse symbol

Vegvisir is a mythical and ancient Norse symbol. According to history, it protects and gives safety to those who go…

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Divergent and Convergent Evolution

Divergent and Convergent Evolution: Every Small Detail Covered

Definition of Divergent and Convergent evolution Divergent evolution Every creature on our amazing planet is coiled. Suppose you see any…

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