Huginn and Muninn symbol- All you need to know about this Viking symbol

Huginn and Muninn are the two ravens who sit on Odin’s shoulders. And,the Prose Edda sufficiently describes them quite well. According to the stories, at dawn, the Odin sends these birds forth to fly about all over the planet. Then, they return late at night to tell him about all the things they have seen and heard. Basically, they basically act as the God’s messenger. So, they are a pretty common symbol to find.

Also, this Viking symbol has a reference to the Shamans. In particular, the Norse Fylgia and the hamingja concepts. In fact, Fylgia is a spirit that affects a person’s fate or luck. On the other hand, Hamingja is lady luck personified. That is, she is a female divine angel who brings good luck to people.

Huginn and Muninn symbol meaning

The Huginn and Muninn symbol is actually quite famous. In fact, it was very common in Denmark, England, Sweden and Norway as well. You can easily find these symbols on brooches, bracelets, pendants and amulets in between the 5th and the later half of the 7th century. Of course, it implies that people looked forward to this symbol granting them strength and guidance.

Needless to mention, the Huginn and Muninn symbol has a historical significance.

You can find this symbol on Thorwald’s cross in the Isle of man.

Also, it decorates the Oseberg Tapistry. Further, people.discovered this tapestry in the middle of the ship burial zone by the end of the 9th century.

The Huginn and Muninn symbol consists of two Ravens. Now, in the earlier days people thought ravens were bold and witty. Also, it is a Viking symbol. So, it might also stand as a powerful symbol of war.

Of course, there are many interpretations to this symbol. For instance, people also consider the two birds to symbolise the human mind.

On one hand, Huginn represents the thought while Muninn stands for mind / memory.

At the same time, Odin has endowed the birds with some exceptional qualities. For example, they can understand the language of humans. And, they are also good observers. They report daily incidents to the God Odin.

Also, they act as the advisors and friends of Odin. So, they are more than just Odin’s spies . Moreover, these symbols are shamanic in nature.

Huginn and Muninn symbol text

The Huginn and Muninn symbol consists of two sharp and vicious-looking black Ravens.

However, people can interpret this symbol in many ways. In fact, we have covered a few of its meanings above.

Of course, they are not two basic birds. In fact, they also represent the duality of the human mind. They also sometimes depict themes of death and destruction.

The holy Viking scriptures show the two Ravens perched on each shoulder of Odin.

Further, in one text, Odin also expresses some concern. Actually the thought of the birds not returning someday, worries him. And, maybe they will fly off somewhere. However, Odin expresses his worries while being in a disguise.

Moreover, migration Period glittered bracteates, Vendel era helmet plates, a couple of identical Germanic Iron Age bird-like brooches, Viking Age objects depicting a man with a moustache wearing a helmet, and a portion of the 10th or 11th century Thorwald’s Cross are examples of artefacts that may depict Odin with one of the ravens.

You might have many questions in your mind at this point. Of course, you could question the source of the stories regarding the origin of the Huginn and Muninn symbol.

So, we shall include the incident as well:

Also, This story is a part of the prose edda. The god Odin (dressed as Grmnir) presents the juvenile Agnarr with information about Odin’s associates.  He informs the prince about Odin’s wolves Geri and Freki, and claims that Huginn and Muninn soars across the entire planet each day, Midgard, in the poem’s next line.

Further, he states that these intelligent Ravens act as spies for him. And, they are his friends and advisors as well.

Huginn and Muninn tattoo

If you have fallen in love with the Huginn and Muninn symbol, then you are not alone. Of course, there are many who adore the symbol. In fact, people consider it auspicious.

In fact, people consider Ravens very lucky. Also, people think that they are a symbol of prosperity. Since people used the Huginn and Muninn symbol on war flags in the early Viking culture, people have praised this tattoo often.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that the Huginn and Muninn symbol is a common choice for tattoos. This is especially true for young men. Actually, there is something dark, witty and mystic about these two birds. So,this naturally attracts people to it very often.

Also, there is a discussion regarding this on Reddit. It states that people want to get this tattoo done, one raven on each wrist. But, they cannot find decent photos of these birds on the web. Also, the people look for the actual Norse versions of this symbol. And, they get disappointed looking for it on the web.

Further, they have added that the Google searches have not been helpful. So, they are looking for people who can render some insights into the matter.

It is discussions like this that keep mythological symbols alive on reddit. And, Reddit is one of the very few platforms where people look forward to for some reliable source of information.

People here look for some genuine Huginn and Muninn symbol designs. Something that looks straight out of a scripture!

Huginn and Muninn symbol

Huginn and Muninn clothing

Of course, you have seen people who want vintage prints on their tees.

Also, you can be such a fanatics as well. If you are one, do not worry. No one is going to judge you for it. In fact, you can find many such deep symbol lovers on the web, especially on social media.

So, there are also people who look for some Huginn and Muninn symbol clothing on the web. And, there are some merchandise stores that sell the same.

So, you can easily find these t-shirts if you look it up on the web. In fact, there are some stores on Etsy that try to preserve these old patterned designs as well. So much for art keeping old times alive, right?

So, the next time you are looking for such Huginn and Muninn symbol tees, give these stores a try. In fact, these can be very deep and lovely gifts for your friends as well.

Huginn and Muninn symbol

Original Huginn and Muninn symbol

The Huginn and Muninn symbol is a bold and deep one. Also, it is one of the best ways to pledge yourself to Odin, the God.

However, their are certain stories that say that the ravens were initially white. But, one time after returning they narrated some negative story to Odin. So, Odin decided to change their colour to black. In fact, he did so to depict how dark their story had been. Mainly, he wanted them to reflect their own dark and disastrous tale.

This symbol always has many different meanings. In fact, it depends on how any person interprets it personally.

On one hand, it meets death and darkness. Ont the other hand, it is a good omen for many people.

It depicts good luck, prosperity, wit and bravery in many.

So, it depends on the wearer of the symbol on how they would like to interpret it.

You can go for its positive meanings id you would like to get it as a tattoo.

The Huginn and Muninn symbol is not very common. But, it is a very nice symbol. And, it can also portray the love and trust between Odin and the two ravens.

Muninn meaning

You might be surprised to know that Muninn is also the name of a video game, a software and a satellite. Also, it might be that people have named stuffs after the name of the raven gue to it being a good omen.

But, teh original meaning of Muninn is ‘memory’. The two ravens of Odin: Huginn and Muninn together show the concept of duality of mind. In general, you will not find single references of this raven. In fact, Muninn and Huginn’s name always go in pairs. However, there are tales that suggest Odin was a bit biased. In fact, some tales say that Muninn was his favourite. Some tales also give a possible reason for this. They say it is because Muninn was a male species. But, not all people believe this story. As there is no solid evidence to back it.

Huginn tutorial

Unlike the historic Huginn symbol, there is another Huginn concept as well. In fact,  Huginn is an online system for creating agents who do regular activities for you. Also, they can search online, keep up with the news, and act in your place. Huginn’s Agents produce and receive events, which they spread down a grid structure. Consider it an easy to hack version of IFTTT or Zapier that you may host on your own server. You will know who has access to your information at all times.

Further, there are more things you can do with Huginn. They are:

  • At specific intervals during the day, send a digest email with items that are important to you.
  • Track the amount of high events and send an SMS as soon as they reach a certain level.
  • Transmit information on WebHooks
  • Custom JavaScript or CoffeeScript methods can be used.
  • Make note of your current place across time.

Muninn eve

The Republic Fleet hired Boundless Creation to build a strong combat vessel to boost the Matari tribes. At the same time, it acts as a market platform for the Fleet’s Mortars and other guns. Finally, The result was the Muninn.

This gunboat is poorly armed, filled with cannon hardpoints. And, people have loaded it with the latest bullet optimal control technologies.

The Muninn is a hard and robust ship. And, it has become one of the most important subcapital ships in warfare. It is swift and sleeker than battlecruisers and battleships. It can take a lot of flash damage because of its strong and very uniform Tech 2 shield resists, as well as the option to add an Assault Damage Control. Crews can shift between different types of ammo to cover various enemy damage types.

Muninn wow

People have used the Huginn and Muninn symbol as inspiration to create some games as well. And, worry no more. In fact, it is a part of your favorite game- World of Warcraft.

He employs the motif of the dread raven.

One of Odin’s two ravens is named Muninn. This follows from what we have learnt in the previous part of the article.

When visited by a night elf, Muninn in Stormheim and Huginn will yell and act in this game. This is in relation to Kur’talos cheating them of the Raven’s Eye.

Muninn god eater 3

Muninn is a part of the game God eater 3 as well.

A Fallen Nemain has the ability to hit with horribly cold ice attacks.

These Aragami have better evolved legs. Thus, it gives them speed and power, making them very lethal.

Breaking their legs’ ties reduces the power and speed of their jump attacks greatly. Pressing blows on their legs can help you in order to quickly break them and obtain the upper hand.

Is Huginn and Muninn destiny 2

Now, many users have queries regarding the location of Huginn and Muninn in Destiny 2.

Go to the palace in Rheasilvia’s northwest region. Now, enter and move onward, past the woman statue. When you notice a strange blue ball, turn right to enter Harbinger’s Seclude. Further,  Turn left when you reach the large hall, then right when you get to the top of the stairs.

Cross the large room and enter through the tall, thin door. Turn around after falling off the balcony and continue on and dive when you reach the hole.

You’ll wind up in another hall once you’ve reached the bottom. Then to your left, you’ll find a large throne with a gate on each side. Here, Huginn and Muninn are the two small rooms with only stilts with huge bones on them. All you have to do to trade is engage with the heads.

Huginn and Muninn symbol FAQs

1.   What do Huginn and Muninn represent?

Ans: Huginn and Muninn are the two mythological ravens. According to stories, these are fierce birds with sharp beaks and black feathers. However, these are the two friends and spies of the Viking God Odin.

In fact, they fly throughout the day and return back to Odin at night. Then, they start narrating to Odin all the incidents they see all through the day.

In fact, these two ravens represent the duality of mind. Huginn stands for thought and Muninn stands for memory. So, the two together conceptualise the human mind.

2.   What do raven tattoos mean?

Ans: Since the ravens are pretty fierce-looking birds with sharp beaks, very often people fear them. In general, they are a symbol of intelligence and wit. On the other hand, you can take its other representations of bravery, strength and death, as well.

Overall, it signifies both good and bad in a person. So, the wearer of the tattoo can decide the suitable version for himself.

3.   Is Huginn and Muninn white?

Ans: Though it is not very important, this is an interesting question. In fact, according to certain Faroese folklore, it is said that both Huginn and Muninn were white birds. Then, one fine day they brought some bad news to Odin after soaring high all day. Thus, Odin turned them jet black. And, he did this to reflect their own dark and disastrous message that they reported to him. However, most people do not consider this version of the story absolutely true.

4.   What does a black raven tattoo mean?

Ans: A tattoo might have numerous connotations. A black raven tattoo generally means death and bad luck. However, people of some cultures also consider the ravens to be powerful omens. Since they also symbolise intelligence, wit and good luck, sowm people prefer them as symbols on their ornaments as well.

5.   What is the name of Odin’s wolf?

Ans: Apart from the ravens, the lores also show Odin accompanied by two wolves. And, the names of these two wolves are Geri and Freki. However, the meanings of these two wolves in Norse code is ‘the greedy or ravenous ones’.

There are also certain stories revolving around Odin and these two wolves as well.

6.   What do Geri and Freki represent?

Ans: On one hand, they are a representation havoc, mess and disaster. On the other hand, they  portray safety, insight, loyalty, and valor. Odin had both bold Freki and Geri’s devotion. Even during wars, they remain with their rulers.

7.   What does Great Odin’s raven mean?

Ans: Odin’s functions as a god of battle and death play a big part in the answer. Also, ravens, were a prime part of battles. And, the main gifts of wars given to the winners were ravens. In a sense, slaying someone in battle was a gift to the ravens.

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