Swirl symbol meaning- All about the famous Celtic symbol

The Celtics are rightly called the master of symbols. In fact, there are various Celtic symbols which find their place in today’s world as well.

Of course, the swirl symbol is one such symbol. The swirl symbol meaning is a little hard to define. In fact, that is because people might interpret the swirl symbol meaning differently. However, there is one common meaning which the Celtics believe. And, in this article we are going to elucidate that.

Swirl symbol meaning

Spirals are one of the oldest recorded geometric shapes that can be found in ancient art. In fact, in early Celtic art, the spiral was a common motif. Spiral designs abound in Celtic art, from the Single Spiral to the Triskeles (three legs) spiral.

You can find spirals in a variety of places, not just in ancient art. In fact, the natural world constantly throws these symbols at our feet. For example, the spiral shape can be found in Snell seashells, Nautiluses, fer tinker, cobwebs, DNA, tornadoes, and even the wings of our galaxy.

The spiral symbol represents the ever-changing seasons and is a link to nature. It symbolises the life cycle, which includes birth, growth, death, and reincarnation.

Mostly, the spiral symbolises spiritual connection with the divine. It spirals from the outer world towards the inner soul (cosmic intelligence and realisation). Also, the spiral might denote spiritual evolution and growth. It is a sign of progress and moving on.

Of course, you can have some personal notions about it as well.

For instance, the spiral could mean our ever changing lives. It is indeed wonderful. People and things change so easily. Yet, beautifully life goes on. In fact, you were a different version of yourself when you began reading this article. We face a new choice, a new growth opportunity every single day. So, it is upto us to decide whether or not we accept these chances.

On the other hand, the spiral can also mean the flow of knowledge. In fact, there are new things to learn each day. Thus, the journey of our physical and mental growth continues forever. There is no end to learning. And, the end justifies the means.

Swirl circle symbol meaning

The spiral represents life’s rhythm. It represents the creative living power of humanity and society, as well as a symbol of generational togetherness and man’s spiritual and moral evolution. It represents the order of life, as well as continuity, growth, motion, and a voyage into the unknown.

The spiral can be found in nature on animals like snails and seashells. In fact, you will also find that in natural phenomena like ripples, cyclones, tornadoes, and whirling galaxies.

Many ancient societies and religious traditions have used the spiral as a strong symbol for creation and progress.

So, the swirl circle symbol meaning is not strictly defined.

The spiral symbol is very soothing. Also, it spreads a very positive vibe. So, you can try to do things to enhance the spirituality of your place. For example, you can consider drawing your own spirals. Make mosaics of spiral symbols. Create spirals with any medium that appeals to you. And, envision your mind’s controls easing with each outward wave formed as you flow out in a spiral fashion of your making.

Coloring mandalas is a similar activity. The goal is to bury yourself in the beauty of creation. Our imaginative mind can be sent into profound regions of awareness by the mandala or helix symbol, which is a partner in creation.

In astrology, the spiral connotation dazzles with an idea of a universe in perpetual motion. In fact, we refer to it as the dance of the universe. Our universe, as science has proven, spirals out infinitely, confirming the notion of  eternal heavens.

3 swirl symbol meaning

A swirl symbol is a very popular symbol.

Swirl symbol meaning

In fact, like most other symbols, this swirl symbol is also a major part of the Celtic symbols.

The Celtic Spiral

Also, the spiral denotes the physical and spiritual evolution, mobility, growth, and constant development of the human being in Celtic symbolism.

The spiral represented the flow of time and the motion of the stars. And, it was used to create old calendars that were very exact for their time.

The Tri-spiral symbol

Newgrange is a massive prehistoric round cairn in Ireland having chambers and an inner stone corridor.

The tri-spiral, triple spiral, or “three-spiral stone,” as some call it, is a really ancient sign. It is thought to have been carved between 2500 and 3000 BC.

Of course, this was before the Celts started using it. The use of the Tri-Spiral in Celtic culture rose in prominence around 500 BC.

Spiral signs have been discovered in many ancient societies, yet they have also been discovered in a large number of burial mounds.

Perhaps this is why the spiral brings out the idea of rebirth and eternal life.

“Sun dagger” spiral

The Sun Dagger is a celestial calendar. People used three granite slabs to make it. It lies against a cliff face near the top of Fajada Butte that traces back 1000 years. The Chaco people etched two spiral stone carvings behind the slabs. One or more faint patterns of light that pass through the gaps between the blocks fill up the spirals with light. Even during periodic solstice and equinox events, these “sun daggers” strike with the spirals’ cores or edges.

Swirl symbol meaning

Moana swirl symbol meaning

For all the animation lovers, the moana movie is a must-watch.  In fact, this is because the symbol is a spiral and hence, it radiates good vibes.

The conch is a womb symbol because it is a cup filled with life’s water. The spiral conch-shell represents empty space expanding in a circular fashion. As a result, it’s the Human Path through creation, life, and rebirth, among other things.

The strong shell safeguards life. And, the pearly sheen and aquatic aspect of the shell ties it to holiness. In buddhism, people use the conch shell’s boom. They do this to rouse people from their folly and to mark victory over suffering. The conch shell means a happy trip in Chinese Buddhism, and hearing the holy cosmos in Islam.

The ocean offers a feminine power source. It delivers infinite fertility and unites the islands. Further, Moana tries to defend her island as the coconut palms perish and the fishes leave as she faces her future job as chief. Finally, she realises that she would have to go on a mission to save them all as the Chosen One.

The girl becomes a life-giver and guard by imitating her mother, a goal for which protagonists risk all to fulfill. Toto is Dorothy’s most young and sparkly self. Also, it is her most vulnerable side in need of protection, and she saves him several times.

Moana’s pink spiral conch shell stands as a symbol of her femininity.

Pink conch shells depict a woman’s genitals. So, it indicates that good-girl Moana will be lured by the heart and not sex. Thus, it navigates the theme of not falling for outward looks.  Pink is related to both femininity and passion due to its similarity to natural colors.

Swirl triangle symbol meaning

The swirl symbol meaning varies from region to region and also across cultures.

The Triskele is also known as the Triple Spiral. And. is said to be the earliest spiritual icon. It derives its name from the Greek words “Tri” and “Skelos,” which together mean “three legs.”

The spiral has always been a significant spiritual symbol in Irish culture. And, it dates back to prehistoric times.

Swirl symbol meaning

It comprises three spirals that link together. Of course, it follows the ancient Irish thought that everything happened in threes. Or, that the third time is the lucky charm, a view that holds true even to this day.

Of course, the spirals are also thought to represent the inner and exterior worlds. Also, they depict the themes of origin, death, and renewal. And, the oneness of the psychic, social, and spiritual self becomes quite primary in this sense.

People can connect the sun, triadic gods, and the three domains of land, sea, and sky in one viewpoint. People thought that the triple spiral represented the pagan Triple Goddess. And, the cycles of life (birth, death, and rebirth) (maiden, mother, and wise woman).

Further, the Celtic Christians used this very sbol to portray the Holy Trinity.

In the modern world, you can easily find this design in use. Today, you can find the triskele/triskelion on a variety of insignia, badges, and seals. For example, this appears as a mark on the Isle of Man flag. In fact, the premer day Irish Air Corps roundel took this as a source of inspiration.

Swirling dashes symbol meaning

The spiral is a long-standing natural emblem of spiritual growth and our link to the cosmos. People over the centuries have used it in shamanism, snake cults, dragon lore, magic, mysticism, and mostly in ceremonial art and dance throughout history in cultures all over the world.

Spirals are among the oldest geometric shapes in art. Also, they stretch back thousands of years before reaching the Neolithic period. As a result, we know very little about their religious beliefs in general. But, we can only make educated guesses about their portrayals based on context.

The spiral is a very feminine sign. In fact, it represents not only women but also a number of items often connected with women, due to its link with mother Goddesses. The spiral can allude to insight and some more personal ideas tied with women. For example, the circle of life, fertility, and birthing. As a result, people today identify spirals with ecology rather than the built, artificial, and urban world. Spirals are natural, pure, and unbound by man.

Furthermore, ancient people were well attuned to nature’s cyclical forces: periodic moon patterns, yearly sun and cyclical patterns. Now, all these affect yearly habits in flora and fauna care.

Because at least a few of the old spirals depicted the sun, it is sometimes called a solar symbol. On the contrary,  Solar symbols are strongly male-oriented. Hence, their use in modern ideas is rare.

You can tie spirals to watery symbols very easily. Water is a fluid substance that is forever evolving and has no permanence. It also swirls in a circle. Finally, water, as earth, is a female element. However, fire and air, on the other hand, are male elements.

Swirl symbol meaning in text

Now, you have often seen this emoji in use. The social media lovers interpret the swirl symbol meaning differently.

Emoji 13.1 added the Face With Spiral Eyes emoji in 2020. We can combine the Dizzy Face and the Dizzy emoji to form the face With Spiral Eyes emoji. However, you can find this emoji only on compatible devices. Further, the emoji displays a yellow face with spiral eyes and a floppy shut mouth on all major platforms.

Also, the emoji shows these two icons alone on unsupported systems.

The Face With Loop Eyes emoji usually depicts acute nausea, insanity, and other types of confusion.

Swirl sign meaning

Now, in this part of the article, we shall discuss the swirl symbol meaning in biology.

Here, it is a non-contrast CT image of fast efflux of blood into an edema. For example, people might call an acute stroke, extradural hematoma, or subdural hematoma, as the swirl sign. It shows pure unclotted blood with frequencies lower than the blood clot around it.

It is part of the mark sign on the CTA. And, that depicts the same event. But, this time contrast extravasation has formed it.

Swirl symbol meaning FAQs

1.   What does the spiral symbol represent?

Ans: The spiral shows the way that helps the spirit to grow and reach the state of real / true knowledge. In fact, that is the trail of nirvana in many early cultures. But, it is also a “feminine” symbol. And, the universe’s formative force and the wonder of life is connected to it as well.

2.   What does spiral tattoo mean?

Ans: The spiral tattoo shows the natural flow of vitality in one’s life. In fact, this tattoo shows the wearer’s belief in eternal life and rebirth. The spiral depicts the new phase of the ways that take place in the Universe.

3.   Where did the spiral symbol come from?

Ans: The Triskele, is an unique old symbol of the celts with its origin in the Greek term “Triskeles,” which means “three legs.” Many people refer to it as a Triskelion. And, you can find it at the door to Newgrange, Ireland. However, this gate dates back to the late stone age.

4.   Why are spirals so important?

Ans: The spiral is a sign of growth and progress. Also, this symbol dates back many years. Non-religious designs use spirals as well. So, it is not solely linked to religious ideas. In fact, it is a curve that has a high artistic value for humans, due to its link with life.

5.   What does the Celtic spiral mean?

Ans: The spirals also reflect the inner and exterior worlds. Also, the celts used it as the themes of life, death, and return, as well as the oneness of the psychic, bodily, and divine self.

6.   What does spiral sun mean?

Ans: The spiral sun shows the slow reveal of once hid facts. However, it can also refer to progress and advancement.

7.   What is the significance of swirling spirals in the tomb?

Ans: Actually, we cannot identify with total surety what the spirals and swirls wrought in these old ruins depict. However, experts believe they convey the Celtic pagan Triple Goddess. People now consider the tomb as something  more than a route tomb.

8.   What does the double spiral mean?

Ans: The twin spiral depicts the unity of two differing powers. Also, it  represents epiphany, or the union of the body and soul planes. The double spiral also shows birth and death, growth and ruin, which are all in balance. Ultimately, they add up in the end.

9.   What does the triskele tattoo mean?

Ans: The triskelion sign depicts action and movement. Also, it shows life, death, return, and eternal life. And, the mind, body, and spirit, as well as the past, current, and future.

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