What are symbols of strength and all that you must know about them?

So, as you must have known, people all over the world, for ages, have always found symbols which would represent their fears or pleasures, or anything that they want to inculcate. Therefore, to represent strength too people from various cultures have used various symbols. Hence, these symbols of strength might differ widely depending on the culture of the people that follows them. For example, the Japanese or the Chinese are people whose symbols are very vibrant and colorful and take after animals like dragons. However, if you trod a little towards South Asia like in India you find their own mythical creatures and idols that act as symbols of strength. On the other hand, in Western philosophy, you will find their own symbols of strength that might be a little less colorful than the oriental ones. However, such symbols of strength have a lot to do with geopolitics.

So, these symbols of strength depending on the religion the people follow. Moreover, religion has a lot to do with the dynasties that have ruled there, the travelers that have visited, and a bunch of other things. However, they also depend on the aboriginal people there, their traditions and customs that are alive even today. Therefore, symbols of strength are also bearers of traditions. So, let us take a look at some of the most popular symbols of strength around the world.

Symbols of strength and power

So now let us take a look at some symbols of strength and power from all over the world. Hence, this involves a whole lot of animals that can be real or fantastic.

Eagles as symbols of strength and power

These are popular symbols of strength in both Europe as well as the Near East. So the eagles, or more importantly the golden eagles symbolize a lot of things. Therefore these include not just strength and power but also leadership and dynasty. So, as we all know, eagles are large birds of prey that are very powerful. Its build does justice to the status that it enjoys. They are excellent symbols of strength and power because they have no natural predators at all. Moreover, they can prey on invertebrates who are way bigger than they are. Hence Napoleon Bonaparte took up the golden eagle as a symbol of military standard. Furthermore, he used it in the French imperial coat of arms.

In the Aztec culture, eagles were originally symbols of strength. One comes to know this from eagle drawings on warriors after they completed their military training. So, these drawings meant that the warrior had not only proven to be extremely strong but had also mastered bravery and valor.

Griffins as symbols of strength and power

So, these are mythical creatures. Therefore, a griffin, also known as a griffon or a gryphon is a creature that has the body of a lion. However, it has the head of a bird that is generally an eagle. Moreover, they can either be with or without wings. Griffins as symbols of strength and power were very popular in the ancient middle eastern and Mediterranean cultures. So, the people used them as decorative motifs. On the other hand, Christians associate its lineage with the sun. Therefore, for them, they are also symbols of wealth. According to Christian art, griffins are symbols of strength, watchfulness, and indomitability. So, if Napoleon had used eagles as symbols of strength, griffins were so by none other than the greatest warrior of all times- Alexander the Great.

For Christians, these symbols are very important because they have connections with Michael the Archangel. If there are two griffins, it becomes a symbol of enlightenment. Moreover, there can be a symbol of a griffin with one of its feet on a ball. Now, the ball is said to represent wisdom. Therefore, the griffin here symbolizes enlightenment that protects wisdom.

Thunderbolts as symbols of strength and power

Thunderbolts are symbols of strength in the Indo-European pagan mythologies. So, these are the belief systems that identify with the “Sky Father”. Therefore, the God of rain and thunder are the ultimate forces since these are the things that people in these regions feared the most. So, He was considered to be the king of all gods and his weapon was a thunderbolt. However, we find the usage of thunderbolts as symbols of strength in other mythologies also as the divine weapon that the sky or weather gods use.

Therefore, thunderbolts have remained symbols of strength and power throughout the course of history. Moreover, the thunderbolt often becomes a symbol of the military.

In Norse mythology, Thor is the most powerful god physically. So, he is the protector of entire humankind and his symbol is the thunderbolt. Moreover, one might also associate thunderbolts with thunderbirds. Therefore, these are mythological creatures that also serve as great symbols of strength and power.

Dragons as symbols of strength and power

Dragons are great symbols of strength and power in Eastern as well as Western traditions. They are more popular in the East where they not only symbolize strength and power but also prosperity and good luck. So, the symbol of the dragon has some historical implications. Therefore, the emperor of China used it as a heraldic emblem to mark both his strength as well as the authority of his throne. So, there are various legends that explain this. As per many such, China’s first ruler ever, the Yellow Emperor had turned into a half-dragon before he marked on his journey to Heaven.

On the other hand, these mythical creatures find a place in Celtic mythology as well. So, here they are the protectors of the world and they appear with gods to watch the transits of the other worlds. Moreover, they are one of the most powerful Celtic symbols who guard the deepest secrets and treasures of the entire universe.

symbols of strength

Symbols of strength and resilience

There are various legends all on symbols that are not just of strength but also of resilience. However, it is not possible to paint the image of all global cultures. Therefore, we are sticking with the most prominent and famous symbol- something that you have heard about a lot from myths to English poetry to even Harry Potter.

Phoenix as symbols of strength and resilience

So now Phoenix is a bird that nearly all of us have seen in the literature of the world. Therefore, it has its roots in Greek mythology. So, it is an immortal bird that can take rebirth from its ashes. Hence, it is used as a symbol of the Sun. There are various legends that explain how it dies. So, some say that it simply dies and disintegrates. However, the more popular and dramatic explanation involves its death by bursting out into flames and then slowly forming ashes from which it rises again and takes rebirth.

However, according to Herodotus, these symbols of strength have their origin in ancient Egypt. Moreover, modern scholars also believe that the Egyptian texts might have got inspiration from classical folklore. Over a span of centuries and centuries, the phoenix is not just a symbol of strength and resilience but also of renewal and resurrection all over the world.

Symbols of strength in nature

There are various symbols of strength in nature. However, more often than not we fail to look at the symbols that are right under our noses. There are various things in our daily lives about whose importance we do not even remotely have any idea. So, let us take a look at one of them. You are going to be quite shocked after seeing this.

Boars as symbols of strength and grit

We generally do not have much of a high opinion when it comes to boars. Because let us face it, most of us hate pigs when it comes to anything but pork on the dining table. Moreover, the pig is one of the favorite curses of all time. However, that is not entirely true. So, boars or wild pigs or wild swine are masters of strength and they are no joke.

Therefore, it is thought that they had originated in Southeast Asia during the Early Pleistocene. However, in the ancient world, they had spread really wide and fast. So, people associated it with the Celtic Swine God that was Moccus. Moreover, one of the primary factors of Moccus’ identification was Mercury- an extremely stable metal. It is no unknown knowledge that wild boars can be fearsome, dangerous, and of course very strong. So, they became symbols of strength for the Celtic people.

However, that is not the end of the story. The wild boar does not find relevance only in the Old World. So, King Richard III of England also favored the boar symbol. Moreover, he used the badge of the White Boar during his very short reign of two years from 1483 till his death in 1485.

Symbols of strength and determination

When it comes to symbols of strength and determination, there are again some real and mythical creatures that the Western or the Oriental world admires and emulates. However, you must understand one thing. So, when it comes to both strength and determination, the animal in question must be very gritty and potent. Therefore, let us take a quick look at one such symbol now.

Uruz as symbols of strength and determination

People also call this popularly aurochs, aurochsen, ur/ure, urus, or urze. So, this is a symbol that represents growth along with self-control. However, it also symbolizes persistence and determination. So basically the uruz is the rune of the ox. Therefore it comes from the word Ūruz meaning “wild ox”. Moreover, it might also come from the word Ūrą which means “water.”

However, the original source of this symbol was aurochs. They were an extinct species of large wild bovine that inhabited Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Moreover, the last sample of this species had arguably gone extinct in 1627 at the Jaktorów Forest in Poland.

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Symbols of strength tattoos

So, by now we have seen a lot of symbols of strength and also have known about their cultural and historical backgrounds. Moreover, you might discover some symbols of strength from your own local cultures or religion. You understand that these are present everywhere. We fail to notice them but trusting them might give us a lot of faith. Therefore, you might find some shapes and wear them as charms around your neck or as rings or earrings or even buy them as showpieces. However, one of the best ways to preserve and inculcate such cymbals of strength would be to make a tattoo. So, you can make either a small indicative one or a big elaborate one totally dependent on your choice. Therefore, get a printout of the faith or faiths that you want to follow and take them to your tattoo artist. They will do the rest of the job.

symbols of strength

Symbols of strength FAQs

What can symbolize strength?

Ans. Well, the entire articles deal with the various symbols of strength. So, both real or mythical creatures can symbolize strength. However, it is important to note that such creatures have a background in why they represent strength. So, they might either have a very heavy build or great leadership qualities. For example, the lion, the king of the jungle is often considered to be a great symbol of strength.

What symbolizes both strength and growth?

Ans. So, the phoenix can symbolize both strength and growth. Visit the section of the phoenix to know more about it. Moreover, it is a very popular symbol for rebirth or reincarnation.

What flowers symbolize strength?

Ans. Gladiolus is the flower that symbolizes strength. With its long and strong stem and beautiful long-lasting flowers, it becomes a perfect symbol for both strength and beauty at once.

What is the symbol for inner strength?

Ans. So, in the Celtic belief system, there is a symbol to represent inner strength. Therefore, this is called the ailm.

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