Valknut meaning

Valknut meaning — all you need to know about this Germanic symbol

The valknut is a triangular symbol. People make it with three interlocked triangles. People find it on many objects from…

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What does an anchor symbolize?

What does an anchor symbolize? | Know its significance & importance

The anchor is a nautical symbol used with a lot of different interpretations as well. For example, the jewelry space…

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Greek symbols and meanings

All ancient Greek symbols and meanings | Greek Alphabets & their uses in science

Polytheism was a belief among the ancient Greeks. It denotes the existence of several gods. They believed that there were…

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P With X Symbol

P With X Symbol or, p with x | What is it?

The Chi Rho (/ka ro/; or, Chrismon) is a Christogram. It is a combination of the first two (capital) letters…

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Web of wyrd: A sign of Norse mythology

The Web of Wyrd is a sign in Norse mythology that depicts the connection of past, present, and future. Moreover,…

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Caim: All you need to know about this ancient symbol

Caim is a Gaelic rendition of biblical ‘Cain,’ who occurs in a variant of Dardanus of Troy’s fantasy lineage spun…

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Labyrinth Definition | Meaning | The Greek Mythology behind it |

The term labyrinth comes from the Greek word ‘labyrinthos’. It refers to any maze-like building with a single path through…

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Serch Bythol- All the information about this Celtic symbol

The serch bythol is one of the most popular symbols of the ancient celts. This symbol is perfectly symmetrical and…

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Kukulkan- All you need to know about the Mexican snake-deity

Folklore has always been an interesting affair. The Kukulkan, also spelled K’uk’ulkan (“Plumed Serpent“, “amazing Serpent“) is a product of…

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Spiral Symbol Meaning, Spiritual, Celtic, Tattoo

A Spiral is the shape of an ongoing curving line that forms circles around a centre point. The spiral pattern…

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